Franchise Opportunity

Do you dream of being your own boss, and working hours that suit you? Then look no further, we can help. We are offering a business solution that requires little outlay with great returns. This is not a quick rich scheme, but with hard work and dedication you can be assured of not only a great and rewarding career, but you will learn many important life skills to maintain a healthy life style.

Grow Your School

There are so many methods and options for marketing your business, which sometimes can be a minefield. However, with years of experience, we know what marketing method works for this particular business and we know how to market your school within a small budge, or no budget at all.

Increase Your Income

We will show you ways on how to increase your income, and how to stabilize your income. This will enable you to budget with more accuracy for greater peace of mind.

Phone Support

You can be assured that there will always be someone ready to take your call, to answer or give advice on any questions you might have.


Wherever you are located in the UK, you will have access to our one to one mentoring, to help you set up your school.

Opening Your School

From setting up your first class to buying your own Dojo we can help with, advice on location, advice on purchasing, to advice setting up your pad.

Marketing Products

We offer a wide range of marketing products at competitive prices for our franchisees, including designing and printing: Leaflets, brochures, postcards, and much more. To give your school that important touch, and saving you hours of work and money, so that you can focus on your school and student training with almost “worries free”.

Full Training

All our franchisee’s will be given full training from class management, class content, controlling the class, first aid, refereeing competitions and much much more.

Promoting Your School

We will show you how to get the word around and how this can be achieved through your own students.

Be The Best

We will show you how to become a top instructor within your community and with our help how you can be the best you can be.


  • Must be 18 years or over.
  • Must hold a minimum grade of 1st Dan, if not, training can be given.
  • Must be dedicated and have the drive to succeed.
  • Must commit to the Association.


  • Full training given throughout your career
  • Working hours that suit you
  • More time for you and your family
  • Support from the Association.


What is the minmunm age requirement?

The minimum age anyone can open a school is 18yrs of age.

How much could i be earning?

This depends how much work and effort you put into your school the sky is the limit.

Are there any contracts to sign?

Yes we require all our franchisee’s to sign a contract this makes clear our and your responsibilities.

How long will it take to be up and running?

After signing the contract you can be up and running straight away with access to many support features and training.

What experiance is required?

In order to keep our standards high we accept all individuals with a grade of 1st Dan or above, although we do offer instructor training for those with less or no experience.

Are there any fee’s involved?

As with any business there are always fee’s involved but we offer a great franchise with very little outlay that brings great rewards.

How many classes can i run?

You will be able to run as many classes as you like.

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