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In this page you will  find the most commonly asked questions and awnsers, if you cannot find an awnser to a particular question please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page. Someone will get back to you very shortly, or alternatively please call or text us on 07763010546.

What is Karate?

In short, Karate means “Empty Hand” and is hundreds of years old and originates from Okinawa, a small Japanese island.

What age do you have to be to start?

You can start training at our Association from the age of 4 years.

Do I have to enter competitions?

No, it is not compulsory. We host internal club competitions and external competitions with the JKA, completely voluntary.

Am I too old to start?

No student is ever too old to start training, although there may be limitations. No matter what age, every student can always benefit.

Do I have to learn Japanese

In class the terminology used for the techniques are spoken in Japanese as well as in English. Over a period of time students will naturally pick on the Japanese terminology.

Do you have to be fit to train?

No. There is this saying, “you train to get fit.”

Will I be able to defend myself after one lesson?

After one lesson, you will be in a much better position to protect yourself. With each lesson you attend, you will become more and more equipped to deal with a situation.

Is their any risk of injury during training?

Our professional instructors are fully trained to provide martial arts lessons in a controlled environment to help keep the risk of injury to a minimum.

I have an old injury; could training make it worse?

If anything, training will improve the situation. By exercising, you are pumping the blood around the body, aiding the healing process.

Why do we need to wear a uniform?

The Karate uniform is called a Gi, The Gi can offer a small amount of protection and comes in different sizes and thickness. The Gi is the traditional uniform for Karate training and also worn as a symbol that we are all equals and share the same goals.

When do I have to buy one?

We allow students to train in lose comfortable clothing for the first couple of free taster sessions, after a Karate uniform is required.

Where do I buy the Karate Gi?

The Karate Gi is supplied by the Association. You can buy the Karate Gi at any of our centres. We ask that you purchase the Gi from ourselves as the quality of the Gi is generally better than what you find in most stores. We produce our own high quality Gi with the club logo, and Kanji (Japanese embroidered lettering.)

Is footware required to train?

No  99% of all training is done in barefoot as in the old days. This will help toughen up the feet. However you will need footwear for taking part in some instances, such as outside training although again in most cases for events such as demonstrations, or outside training mats will be used whenever possible.

What other equipment will I need?

There are some events which students can attend if they wish, some of these seminars will require additional equipment if you wish to take part. Although most events only require a Karate suite (Gi). Additional items may be required such as: Head Guards, Gloves, sparring mitts etc.

How often do grading take place?

Generally grading’s  take place every 4-5 months.

How long will take to achive 1st Dan Black belt?

This greatly depends on the student and the level of commitment to their training, but as a rough guide it takes about 4-5 years.

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