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Hello and welcome

The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association runs classes in London and Wales. Sensei Jonathan teaches traditional Japanese Karate with specific classes for different age groups. We run regular beginner classes and classes for the advanced Karate Ka. We run classes for ages 4 and above. Our classes are taught in a strict but fair fashion in a non political safe atmosphere. All our students are given opportunities and taught vital life skills that will last a life time. Come and see how training in traditional Karate can benefit you, your child and the family.

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  Sensei Jonathan Bolt.

Tell: 07763010546

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Little Tigers

These classes are specifically designed for 4-6 yrs of age. In these classes the little tigers will be taught life skills, basic commands and the Kihon (basics), the foundations from which Karate is built. The little tigers will learn co-ordination from the very techniques taught as well as basic Japanese terminology. These classes are designed to prepare the little tigers for the next step.

Junior Classes

Our Junior classes are suitable for students aged 6 and above or the equivalent of 9th Kyu (Orange Belt) and above. In these classes students will be motivated and given the tools and advice needed to achieve their next grade. Students will be working to a fairly complexed syllabus, where more content is added with each advancement until the student is ready to move on to our advanced lessons.

Advanced Classes

These classes are for students of 3rd Kyu (Brown Belts) and above. The classes focus on advanced techniques and the student’s ability to teach. These lessons are not for the faint hearted as students are pushed hard in every aspect of their training including exercises that condition and harden the body. There is no such thing as perfection; students are taught to seek perfection in everything they do.

Make New Friends

By joining the JDMA you become part of the family. You can be assured of a warm welcome by ourselves and its members. The JDMA also host many activities outside the club, which all members can take part. From shows to camping trips.

Achieve New Goals

With our training, no goal is out of reach. Wether you want to improve fitness, strength, co-ordination, flexibility, focus, confidence or even your mindset, we can help.

Get Certified

The JDMA offers all members individual group gradings for that extra personal touch. We at the JDMA also offer training and instructor certification. Students can also now take GCSE in Karate.

Interested in a Franchise?

The JDMA offers franchise opportunities in Martial Arts like no other. Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives while enjoying what you do. The beauty of running your own franchise will give you back the freedom to work day and times that suit you. Want to know more then click the button below for all the information regarding owning your very own Martial Arts franchise. So don’t hesitate; click below and start your new career today.

For your next step towards a new exciting career

What Others Say About Us

“My 3 boys have been coming to this club for over 2yr and they really enjoy going. They have all made great progress and I am very proud of them. It have been a great way for them to meet and make some great new friends, get fit, learn self-defense, and achieve goals. Would highly recommend this club for children and adults.”

Ashia Ibin Ibrahim

“A great club with extremely helpful instructors, I have been brining my boy to the classes on a regular basis. He really enjoys the classes and his persona has really transformed. As a result he is much more confident and he is now able to learn things at quicker pace. I have also enrolled his little brother as he is now old enough to take part.”

Mrs Salami

“My Boy Jose has been attending the classes regularly for the last 3 years and has really enjoyed the classes, he has now passed his 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt.) I am really proud of his achievements. The instructors are always there on hand to help and are never to busy to take time to help and advise on my sons training. Great class, great club, well worth the investment.”

Maria Rabajante

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For more information or to answer any questions you might have, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or alternatively, please call us. All our contact information can be found on our contact page.

The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association is proud to announce we are one of the first clubs in the united kingdom to have been awarded the Safe Guarding Code In Martial Arts from a national lottery funded project. For further info click on the logo.