About Courses

The JDMA hosts and runs a wide spectrum of courses by Sensei Jonathan Bolt and hosts various seminars with top world renowned instructors. Instructors we work with on a regular basis include: Sensei Phil snewin who teaches Kamashin Ry and Kobujutsu (Okinawan Weapons.) We have also recently teamed up with Tommy Carruthers the only instructor in Europe who sits and advises on the board of the Bruce Lee foundation. All our courses are run by fully qualified instructors all of which are fully CRB checked. Even though we are primarily a traditional karate club we endeavour to develop are skills as Martial Artists. This is achieved by training and gaining experience with other Associations but only those who are well known and the best in country and even world. No other Karate club offers such opportunities to train with the best in there field. For more information on courses and dates, or would like to book a course please do not hesitate and fill in the contact form below and someone will contact you asap.

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The JDMA conducts gradings every 4-5months and Dan Gradeings every year. The JDMA welcomes any style of Karate Do that is part or affiliated to the IASMAA or JDMA. The gradings are based on our own syllabus and should be second nature in order for you to grade. The syllabus can be found on our website in the member section, to become a member please get in touch. Gradings are conducted by Sensei Jonathan Bolt upto 2nd Dan. For 3rd Dan and above, gradings are conducted by Sensei Phil Snewin.

Senior Instructor Training

The JDMA now offers courses to its senior members and instructors to ensure a high standard. These courses run twice a year although these courses are voluntary for other clubs and those who are affiliated to the JDMA they are highly recommended. Those who teach directly for the JDMA these courses are mandatory.

Instructor Certification

The JDMA offers three levels of instructor certification. These are different from the above courses as these courses are specifically designed for guidance on teaching and keeping the class organised. Any club affiliated to the JDMA or IASMAA can enroll or book one of these courses.

Level One is for 3rd Kyu and above as an Asistant Instructor.

level Two is for 1st Dan and above who wish to run there own club or teach as a main instructor.

Level Three is for 3rd Dan and above this is for those wishing to run there own club and those who would like to have recorgnition as a senior instructor.

Get In Touch Now

For more information or to answer any questions you might have please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form or alternatively please call us. All our contact information can be found on our contact page.

The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association is proud to announce we are one of the first clubs in the united kingdom to have been awarded the Safe Guarding Code In Martial Arts from a national lottery funded project. For further info click on the logo.