For any groups / clubs / associations / individuals you can expect the best support around.

The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association has invested in products, retention tools, marketing and networking, and services that actually work. And also have discarded any of these witch don’t.

If you have chosen your career as an instructor, you can join our association for a better and stronger foundation, and to do what you love the most, but worries free.

Sensei Jonathan Bolt says: “I used to struggle when I started teaching and running my own club, just like many other instructors. I learned experiencing difficulties and situations of all sorts and after a few years I put into place systems that started to bring good results to my club and my students. At first I was barely making ends meet, 4 years later I have had a great increase in the number of students and a choice of locations and venues for training across the South East of England. Many governing bodies say they offer support to clubs, but in fact many clubs still struggle because their heads are in the clouds. Quite often I hear Instructors giving excuses, blaming the “martial arts fake clubs”, saying that they are taking all of the students. Well let me say this to you. In some respects they are right, as it is a sad fact that it seems any one can become an instructor and their goal is to purely make profit and the poor students are none the wiser.  So what are you going to do about it. I once had an instructor say to me: look at you, you have only been here 5min and you already have over a 100 students. I asked him what he did to promote his club, and he replied that he puts leaflets on the table in the leisure centre. Well, if that’s all he does no wonder his club is suffering. As an instructor, you are taught to adapt to any situation and well, this should be applied to your every day thinking. Just by putting some leaflets on a table in a leisure centre will get you squat.These days there are instructors living next door to each other and there is so much competition out there, so if you are good… in order to get noticed you better do something about it.”

By joining Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association you will be given lifetime support in all aspects to do with your martial arts club, as your success is our success.

  • Marketing support, and seminars to help you gain retention and genuine students.
  • Advice on accountancy and book keeping.
  • CRB disclosure.
  • Advice on child protection.
  • Provide references to the relevant bodies.
  • Insurance for instructors and students with options to best suit you or the students…
  • 24/7 support.
  • Syllabus for students and instructors.
  • First Aid Certificate with St Johns Ambulance / The Red Cross.
  • Help with marketing, advertising and establishing yourself within the community.
  • Provision of club stationary for that all important professional image.
  • Discounted merchandise.
  • Listing on the Ju Dachi Martial Arts website.
  • Grading certification for students and instructors if required.
  • (NEW) Legal Advice the association has teamed up with a local law firm.

If you are as passionate about martial arts as we are, with dedication and hard work you can turn your life around, and we can be there for you to offer the support that you may need. If you are and instructor wanting all the support and advice from a serious association or an individual looking for lessons click the button below to contact us or call: 07763010546.


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