Coronavirus help and advice

With the ongoing uncertainty of the impact of Coronavirus, we need to be prepared and ensure that all our students can continually train in a safe environment. It is important that we communicate with each other and support one another throughout this turbulent time.


Training will continue as normal unless otherwise advised by the authorities. We have taken measures to protect our students the best we can. Panic is not the solution; keeping fit and healthy is. Please read the following guidelines which will help keep everyone in our Martial Art schools safe.

Washing Hands

Washing hands is essential; all students are requested to wash their hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds  before and after the class.


All students may use indoor training shoes or plimsolls (no trainers.) for the next few months.


We will suspend all pair work to minimise contact between students.

Virtual Lessons

For those who wish to self isolate or in the event of a closure, we will be offering virtual lessons so all students will be able to train at their own home at a reduced cost.

Feeling Ill, Stay At Home

Any students with a dry cough or increased temperature, no matter how slight, should stay at home for at least 14 days. During this time students will still be able to train via the virtual lessons.

Do Not Cancel

For those who feel strongly about not attending class or the virtual lessons, we would  recommend to suspend the direct debt rather than cancel. This will save you having to refill all your information bank details etc.