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Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Ju Dachi Martial Arts family. Please click below to receive an information pack or call the CEO directly who will answer any questions you might have. This is your first step towards not only an exciting and rewarding career, but a chance to live your life on your terms. Find out how owning our Martial Art franchise can allow you to work the hours you want and have more time for you and your family while making a living doing what you love. Sounds to good to be true well let me tell you over 100,000 people a month sign up to various Martial Arts schools. So don’t waste another minute call us now!

Sensei Jon Chief Instructor

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The Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association is proud to announce we are one of the first clubs in the united kingdom to have been awarded the Safe Guarding Code In Martial Arts from a national lottery funded project. For further info click on the logo.