Instructors Page


Welcome to the instructors page where you will find a massive library of resources to help manage, and run a great class. This section will contain everything you need to teach and run a great lesson. This section is free to all JDMA instructors who have completed the minimum Level One Coaching program. This section concentrates mainly on you as an instructor working or volunteering for the Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association. If you wish to run your own club and run your own business we have a special program which will take you through your first steps to opening your own school. This program is a monthly subscription and not to be confused with this program. Only Instructors working for the Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association will have access to this content.


Instructors Manual

The instructors manual has is an extensive guide from getting ready to teaching your first class. to view our comprehensive syllabus click here.

Lesson Plan

The Lesson is an  easy to use interactive PDF. To download our easy to use lesson plan click here.

Grading Sheets

The individual student grading sheets are an easy to use interactive PDF. To download our easy to use grading sheets click here.


The Certificates is an easy to use interactive PDF. To download our easy to use certificates click here.

Award Certificates

Click here to download and print of award certificates for top student of the week, top student of the month and more. All certificates are customisable using an interactive pdf.

Advertising Material

Click here to download a range of advertising material including, A5 Leaflets, A4 / A3 posters, and much more.

Coaching Programs

As an instructor / trainee instructor we highly recomend you complete the course that most apllies to you.