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This page is dedicated to all our students here you will find many different learning resources to aid your training.

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First of its a good idea to download the training syllabus and concentrate on your section only. If there is anything on the syllabus you are not sure of you should ask your instructor.

In order to view the syllabus you must have Adobe PDF reader installed on your computer. Its a free software which allows you to view PDFs on your computer. Click here to download and install. Once installed refresh your browser and click on the button below to view your syllabus. If PDF reader is already installed skip this step and click below. If you prefer you can also view a basic version of the syllabus online.

Syllabus or click here to view Online Syllabus

For any explanation on the terminology used in the syllabus click below to see the Glossary. It is a good idea to learn and memorize the terms used to help you better understand the syllabus.


Below is a series of Kata and Pair Work and other videos of Sensei Jonathan practicing in the garden. The videos should be used as a reference only. For further instruction you should consider buying the Appropriate training DVD in stunning High Definition complete with High Definition audio. These DVDs are unique to our association.

Click on the following links  to view the Kata / combination videos.

Online Syllabus

The syllabus has been laid out in an easy to read table. to view our comprehensive syllabus click here.


To view the glossary where you can view and listen to how common Japanese words are produced in class.


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Sensei Training Videos

Below are some training videos of Sensei Jonathan practicing in his garden, these videos are to be used as a reference guide only, if you would like to upgrade your membership for a small monthly fee you can do so by clicking on the upgrade button in the right hand side of this page.

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