Kumite (Pair Work) is an essential part of your training. There are various pair work sequences each designed to teach a specific skill. The first pair work set is designed to teach you how to blend with your apponent without sacrificing technique. The second pair work set teaches you how to respond with a varying attack. The third pari work teaches you how to respond on the spot using basic sabaki (evading footwork.) The fourth preps you how to defend against various attacks with the opponent in charge of the timing of the attacks this also teaches you how to deal with increased pressure. As you can see each stage is designed to help prepare for a real life attack.

Module 1 There Step Spar
Unit 1 There Sterp Spar Part One
Unit 2 Three Step Part Two
Unit 3 Three Step Part Three
Module 2 Ippon Kumite
Unit 1 One Step Spar Part One