The following testimonials are from actual students and families that attend our lessons on a regular basis. These are written in their own words, about their experience while training at our Association. So, why not come along and see it and experience it for yourself? We would love to hear your feedback.

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I joined the Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association when i was 13 years of age, Now at the age of 17 I have past my 1st Dan black belt. I have also recently past my Karate GCSE with an A Star. Even though training as a teenager was tough as when my friends were going to the cinema i was training, and a volunteer for the club. My hard work has been well worth it. I am training for my 2nd Dan and when i turn 18 i have been promised a paid part time job at the Association. I also get to attend many events, course and seminars across the country for free. These include training with Sensei Phil Snewin, Tommy Carruthers, and attend events such as Hyper Japan. I have made great friends and look forward to the future as this is just the begging and i have loved every minute.

A great club with extremely helpful instructors, I have been brining my boy to the classes on a regular basis. He really  enjoys the classes and his persona has really transformed. As a result he is much more confident and he is now able to learn things at quicker pace. I have also enrolled his little brother as he is now old enough to take part.

My 3 boys have been coming to this club for over 2yr and they really enjoy going. They have all made great progress and I am very proud of them. It have been a great way for them to meet and make some great new friends, get fit, learn self-defense, and achieve goals. Would highly recommend this club for children and adults.

My Boy Jose has been attending the classes regularly for the last 3 years and has really enjoyed the classes, he has now passed his 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt.) I am really proud of his achievements.  The instructors are always there on hand to help and are never to busy to take time to help and advise on my sons training. Great class, great club, well worth the investment.

There is simply not enough space for the large number of satisfied students who have very kindly taken the time to leave reviews like the above. Don’t just take our word for it and come and train for free. Book your trial lesson with us.

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