We would like to personally congratulate you on your decision to join our martial arts association. Our style of Karate Do is Shotokan. It is not just kicking and punching, but a complete learning experience. The methods taught at our association are proven to be the most effective available today. We teach individual life-skills including confidence, self-esteem, self-control, patience and discipline, as well as the physical and mental aspects of self-defence. The martial arts are a life-long activity that can be practised by people of any age. In our school, we have students as young as 4 years old all the way up to adults. A common question we hear from people is, “How does Karate compare to other sporting activities?” Instructors Jonathan and Patricia have been practising the martial arts for over 25 years combined. Only by experiencing our training, can one fully appreciate the life-changing benefits the martial arts have to offer. We thank you for choosing the Ju Dachi Martial Arts Association (JMA). We hope to have you or your child as a student for a lifetime so that you may realise your own potential…and reach levels that are unimaginable. In spirit, Sensei Jonathan and Sensei Patricia

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