White Belt Course

Congratulations on enrolling on one of the most comprehensive online traditional karate lessons. This course will take you step by step through all the techniques required to pass your first grading in Shotokan Karate. Every 3 Days you will be granted access to the next lesson. Each lesson is delivered in small bite sized pecies suitable for all ages. At the end of the course you will be given an opportunity to take an examination.

Module 1 Etiquette
Unit 1 How To Make A fist
Unit 2 Ready / Finish Positions
Module 2 Basic Punch
Unit 1 Double Punch Part One
Unit 2 Double Punch Part Two
Unit 3 Double Punch Part Three
Unit 4 Vertical Open Hand Block
Unit 5 Vertical Open Hand Block Part Two
Unit 6 Standing Punch Part One
Unit 7 Standing Punch Part Two
Unit 8 Stepping Punch
Module 3 Stances
Unit 1 How To Make A Front Stance
Unit 2 How To Step Forward In A Front Stance
Module 4 Blocking Techniques
Unit 1 Lower Arm Block Part One
Unit 2 Lower Block Gedan Barai Part Two
Unit 3 Gedan Barai Stepping Forwards
Unit 4 Rising Block Part One
Unit 5 Age Uke Stepping Forwards
Module 5 Kicking Techniques
Unit 1 Front Kick Part One
Unit 2 Front Kick Part Two
Unit 3 Front Kick Part Three
Module 6 Combinations
Unit 1 Basic Combination
Module 7 Basic Form
Unit 1 Kihon Kata Part One
Unit 2 Kihon Kata Part Two
Unit 3 Kihon Kata Part Three
Unit 4 Kihon Kata Part Four
Unit 5 Kihon Kata Part Five